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NASA’s New Spacesuits

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(NASA/Flickr/CC BY 2.0)

NASA Just Unveiled Its Brand New Spacesuits For The Artemis Missions

16 OCT 2019

Although humans might seem adaptable on Earth, outside of our perfect temperature-, gravity-, and radiation-controlled planet, we’re pretty fragile. Squishy even.

So to help us deal with the harsh conditions of the rest of the Solar System, NASA has just unveiled a new and improved spacesuit that astronauts will wear to the Moon as part of the Artemis missions.

At first glance, it looks similar to the ones worn by Apollo as back in the late ’60s and early ’70s, but there have been a lot of new additions to the new suits, which are officially called Exploration Extravehicular Mobility Units, or xEMUs.

48905773692 0b981d9b02 k(NASA/Flickr/CC BY 2.0)

Firstly, the xEMUs are way easier to move around in. The Apollo suits didn’t have a lot of leg movement, which is why there are so many great videos of astronauts falling over in the significantly lower gravity of the Moon.

The new suit also features joint bearings and shoulder enhancements for better upper body motion, and gloves that allow astronauts to move their fingers for easier grabbing.



Check out images from today’s event showcasing prototypes of @NASA‘s 2 newest spacesuits designed for Moon to Mars exploration: 1 for launch and re-entry, and 1 for exploring the lunar South Pole! More 📸 

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In a demonstration of the suit with NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine, Advanced Space Suit Engineer Kristine Davis bent down to pick up a rock. Although it looked clunky, this kind of movement would have been significantly harder in the Apollo suits.

xEMU spacesuit lifting rock(NASA)

The suits are designed to protect against a temperature range between -156 to 121 degrees Celsius (-250 and 250 degrees Fahrenheit), and can be built for everyone from “first percentile female to the 99th percentile male,” Davis said in the briefing.

But not everything has changed. We still haven’t worked out how to deal with the removal of bodily fluids while in the suit, and so our Artemis astronauts will still be wearing diapers.

The xEMU is only going to be used for spacewalks and while on the Moon. The other suit showcased during the presentation – the bright orange one on the right – will be used by astronauts for launch and re-entry.

If this doesn’t get you excited for the Artemis program – scheduled to begin by 2024, I don’t know what will.

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We need more women pilots at the Barboza Space Center and the rest of the World

All-female Delta flight crew flies 120 female students to NASA

Take notice on your next flight in the United States: While your flight crew might be female based, chances are that your pilots are all male. Only five percent of pilots in the US are female, but Delta is trying to combat that statistic through its WING program, which just took its fifth annual all-female flight this past Saturday.

As part of the airline’s Women Inspiring Our Next Generation (WING) initiative, an all-female flight crew, including female gate agents, ramp agents and flight control, flew 120 female students aged 12 to 18 from Salt Lake City to Houston for a once-in-a-lifetime experience at NASA to meet with female leaders shaking up the male-dominated aviation and engineering industry. The teenagers also got to spend time with Jeanette Epps, NASA astronaut and aerospace engineer, to learn more about her groundbreaking work to help close the gender gap.

Courtesy of Delta

Since its inauguration in 2015, WINGS has flown over 600 female students as part of its work, introducing them to various STEM opportunities and consequently inspiring the next generation of female leaders.

“I am inspired by this next generation,” explained Captain Kimberly Gibson, who was part of WING’s most recent flight, to AOL Finance. “I think that there are more and more girls these days that understand that the world is an open door. I think this is one of the best things Delta can do to put themselves out there, to put our airline out there and to grow the next generation of pilots.”

Delta, which achieved 100 percent pay parity for its frontline employees and has been ranked as one of the “Best Workplaces for Women,” is also working with female middle school and high school students through a variety of initiatives with Propel, Solo Flight Academy and Aviation Career Education Academy.

“We know representation matters. At Delta, we believe you have to see it to be it,” said Beth Poole, General Manager Pilot Development, who helped start Delta’s WING Flight in 2015. “We’re taking ownership to improve gender diversity by exposing girls at a young age and providing a pipeline so that 10 years from now, they will be the pilots in the Delta cockpit inspiring generations of women who follow.”

“That is the most rewarding part,” she continued. “You see that glimmer in their eye and they know that there is some possibility that they could be doing this and it’s something they probably never thought of in many cases.”

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Meet Our New Jr. Astronaut Advisor: Ed Dwight

Ed Dwight 2019.jpeg

About Ed Dwight

The Barboza Space Center has just started working with Ed. Dwight.

A man whose resume reads: former Air Force Test Pilot, America’s First African American Astronaut Candidate, IBM Computer Systems Engineer, Aviation Consultant, Restaurateur, Real Estate Developer, and Construction Entrepreneur can best be described as a true renaissance man. Ed Dwight has succeeded in all these varied careers. However, for the last 40 years, Ed has focused his direction on the Fine Arts- Gallery Paintings & Sculptures, Large-scale Memorials, and Public Art projects. Since his art career began in 1978, after attaining his MFA in Sculpture from the University of Denver, Dwight has become one of the most prolific and insightful sculptors in America.

Born and raised in Kansas City, Kansas, Ed left in 1953 to join the U.S. Air Force. After completing pilot training, he served as a military fighter pilot and obtained a degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Arizona State University. In 1961 Dwight was chosen by President John F. Kennedy to enter training as an Experimental Test Pilot in preparation to become the first African American Astronaut.  Ed completed the Experimental Test Pilot course and entered Aerospace Research Pilot training, in preparation for Astronaut duties. He successfully completed the course and continued on to perform duties as a fully qualified Aerospace Research Pilot. Three years after the death of President Kennedy, Ed left the military and entered private life

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Young protestors around the globe demand climate change action

Kids Talk Radio Science will join the fight with world youth.  

 Young protesters around globe demand climate change action


Published: Friday, September 20th, 2019 at 10:39am

Updated: Friday, September 20th, 2019 at 10:49am

Climate protesters demonstrate in London, Friday, Sept. 20, 2019. Protesters around the world joined rallies on Friday as a day of worldwide demonstrations calling for action against climate change began ahead of a U.N. summit in New York. (AP Photo/Frank Augstein)

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BERLIN — A wave of climate change protests swept across the globe Friday, with hundreds of thousands of young people sending a message to leaders headed for a U.N. summit: The warming world can’t wait for action.

Marches, rallies and demonstrations were held from Canberra to Kabul and Cape Town to Copenhagen, and more were set to follow as the day went on.

The Global Climate Strike” events ranged from a gathering of about two dozen activists in Seoul using LED flashlights to send Morse code messages calling for action to rescue the earth to demonstrations around Australia that organizers estimated were the country’s largest protests since the Iraq War in 2003.

“Even though we ourselves aren’t sick, the planet which we live on is, and we are protesting and fighting for it,” said Siobhan Sutton, a 15-year-old student at Perth Modern School.

The protests were partly inspired by the activism of Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg, who has staged weekly demonstrations under the heading “Fridays for Future” over the past year, calling on world leaders to step up their efforts against climate change.

“It’s such a victory,” Thunberg said in an interview Friday with The Associated Press in New York. “I would never have predicted or believed that this was going to happen, and so fast — and only in 15 months.”

Thunberg is expected to participate in a U.N. Youth Climate Summit on Saturday and speak at the U.N. Climate Action Summit with global leaders on Monday.

“They have this opportunity to do something, and they should take that,” she said in the interview. “And otherwise, they should feel ashamed.”

The world has warmed about 1 degree Celsius (1.8 Fahrenheit) since before the Industrial Revolution, and scientists have attributed more than 90 percent of the increase to emissions of heat-trapping gases from fuel-burning and other human activity.

Scientists have warned that global warming will subject Earth to rising seas and more heat waves, droughts, powerful storms, flooding and other problems, and that some have already started manifesting themselves.

Nations around the world agreed at a 2015 summit in Paris to hold warming to less than 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 Fahrenheit) more than pre-industrial-era levels by the end of this century.


However, U.S. President Donald Trump subsequently announced that he was withdrawing the U.S. from the agreement, which he said benefited other nations at the expense of American businesses and taxpayers.

Trump referred to global warming as a “hoax” before becoming president. He has since said he’s “not denying climate change” but is not convinced it’s manmade or permanent.

The U.N. summit is aimed at eliciting concrete proposals from various countries to make progress toward the Paris goal.

Friday’s demonstrations started in Australia, where organizers estimated 300,000 protesters marched in 110 towns and cities, including Sydney and the national capital, Canberra. Demonstrators called for their country, the world’s largest exporter of coal and liquid natural gas, to take more drastic action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Hundreds of rallies took place across Europe, including in the Czech Republic, Germany, Britain and Poland, which is still widely coal-reliant and where many middle schools gave students the day off to enable them to participate in the rallies in Warsaw and other cities.

In Berlin, police said more than 100,000 people gathered in front of the capital’s landmark Brandenburg Gate, not far from Chancellor Angela Merkel’s, office where the Cabinet thrashed out the final details of a 54 billion euro ($60 billion) plan to curb Germany’s greenhouse gas emissions .

Thousands of schoolchildren and their adult supporters demonstrated in London outside the British Parliament, some holding home-made placards with slogans including “Don’t be a fossil fool” and “Make our planet Greta again,” in a reference Thunberg.

The British government said it endorsed the protesters’ message but didn’t condone skipping school — a stance that didn’t sit well with some of the young protesters.


“If politicians were taking the appropriate action we need and had been taking this action a long time ago when it was recognized the world was changing in a negative way, then I would not have to be skipping school,” said Jessica Ahmed, a 16-year-old London student.

In Helsinki, the Finnish capital, a man dressed as Santa Claus stood outside parliament holding a sign: “My house is on fire, my reindeer can’t swim.”

Smaller protests took place in Asia, including in Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Hong Kong and India.

“We need to reclaim our constitutional right to clean air and water,” said Aman Sharma, a 16-year-old protester in India’s capital of New Delhi.

In Tokyo, hundreds of students and environmental activists marched through the business and shopping district of Shibuya, chanting “Climate Justice!” while holding hand-painted placards with messages such as “Go Green” and “Save the Earth.”

Smaller rallies were held in more than a dozen other cities around Japan, including Kyoto, the nation’s ancient capital that hosted the 1997 climate conference.

And in the Afghan capital, Kabul, an armored personnel carrier was deployed to protect about 100 young people as they marched, led by a group of several young women carrying a banner emblazoned with “Fridays for Future.”

Fardeen Barakzai, one of the organizers and head of the local climate activist group, Oxygen, said Afghan youths “know the problem of climate change. We know war can kill a group of people. … The problem in Afghanistan is our leaders are fighting for power, but the real power is in nature.”


In Africa, rallies were held in Johannesburg and the South African capital, Pretoria, as well as Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, where some young protesters wore hats and outfits made from plastic bottles to emphasize the dangers of plastic waste, a major threat to cities and oceans.

Climate change “is worse than homework,” one sign proclaimed.

Africa is the most vulnerable continent to climate change and the least equipped to deal with it, experts have said. Governments have pleaded for more support from the international community.

More rallies were planned later Friday in the United States, where organizers say more than 800 events were expected.


McGuirk reported from Canberra, Australia. Associated Press reporters around the world contributed to this report.


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Astronaut Training in High School

Training High School Astronaut Tiger Teams for Mars Missions

Eleven female students attending McBride High School in Long Beach Unified School District took up the challenge of becoming fellows in the Occupy Mars Learning Adventures program offered by the Barboza Space Center.

Due to the STEM focus of McBride High School, students have become familiar with a wide and impressive range of 3D printers, computer numerical control (CNC) machines, powerful computers, computer-assisted design (CAD) software, computer aided engineering (CAE) software and new robotic tools that are updated often. Students familiar with such equipment are often hungry for opportunities to apply their knowledge in creative ways.

Members of the NASA Tiger Team pose for a quick picture

The Occupy Mars Learning Adventures is an astronaut preparation program that involves academically and linguistically diverse students in working together on simulated NASA Tiger Teams to solve challenges that are faced by NASA and private space companies attempting to travel to and live on Mars. During the week of July 22nd through July 26th, the Barboza Space Center delivered an individualized space science program curriculum designed for young women who want to become engineers, scientists, and astronauts. We integrated Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards into unique project-based learning experiences that drew on science, technology, engineering, mathematics, arts, design, World and computer languages (STEAMD++).

The Barboza Space Center creates simulations of training for astronauts interested in working on Earth and Mars. An important goal is to offer space science fellowships to promising high school students, 10% of whom are students with special needs. The Center provides uniforms, STEAMD++ materials, books, individualized astronaut tool kits, and project lesson plans. Training materials integrate content from Advanced Placement textbooks and NASA manuals.

Under the tutelage of K-12 educators and professional engineers, participants apply what they have learned to design satellites, robots, science probes, Martian habitats, and rocket payloads.

To measure content learned during the Fellowship week, all students completed Tiger Team pre- and post-testing. In addition, each developed a portfolio including two PowerPoint presentations and an audio podcast related to Mars to be posted to Kids Talk Radio Science. These products contrasted in striking ways from pre-test responses to questions about the planet Mars—a subject about which students originally knew very little. Students demonstrated that they could reverse engineer and reconstruct a rolling Mars rover robot. Their eye-motor coordination was assessed throughout the five days of our program, and results were recorded, along with project notes, in individual lab notebooks begun by students in a previous Fellowship. Students were expected to use legible handwriting and to communicate using Morse code—important skills in the event of a communications emergency.

Our space science Fellowships are designed to inspire students to learn and apply new knowledge, to continue to follow their passion through and beyond post-secondary school, and to understand the critical importance of working collectively. By functioning as Tiger Team members, they trained their knowledge and skills on the tremendous challenges of reaching and building a community on Mars. In doing so, many discovered entirely new areas of interest, and all developed a hunger for more opportunities to explore and create in the future.

To listen to the podcasts created at Super School University as part of the new international STEM and STEAM project-based learning opportunities, check out the links below.

Kids Talk Radio China

Kids Talk Radio Russia

Kids Talk Radio Australia

Kids Talk Radio Cabo Verde 2

Bob Barboza is an educator, STEM Journalist and the founder of Super School International University and the Barboza Space Center for Science and Engineering Prototyping. As Director of the Barboza Space Center, Bob is excited to get students around the world excited about working together and  studying STEM and STEAM project-based learning as they pursue careers in the aerospace industry.


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We are looking to fly drones on Mars

Does anyone have any good ideas?   Take a look at this solution.  What do you think?

Experts Baffled: Innovative “Auto-Pilot” Selfie Drone Conquers the World. The Idea Is Genius…


Never before has it been easier to fly your own drone. Even totally inexperienced users from The United States start flying this drone within minutes…

When drones first started being sold in The United States, they were simply too expensive and hard to fly. However, Blade 720, a revolutionary new drone for beginners and professionals, is now available in The United States at a fraction of the usual cost.

Summary of Article: Many consumers have dreamt about owning a drone for years, however found that whenever they found one they liked, it would cost them way too much money and be too hard to pilot. However, with the arrival of Blade 720 to the scene, drones are now finally affordable and easy enough to fly – even for the most non-technical of consumers in The United States – 50% off…

We analyze the brand new Blade 720 drone that has just hit the market in The United States. Did this new up and coming startup really make a drone that lets the masses have access to awesome cinematic aerial footage and selfies?

Finally available to the public

Historically, drones of this caliber have been restricted to professional licensed drone companies or the military. However, with the latest advances in technology, even “normal” citizens like our editoral team or you can enjoy this amazing piece of technology, without having to go through any kind of exams!

At first glance, it’s evident that Blade 720 is compact. It folds into itself for easy storage and can be transported from A to B before it takes flight. However, don’t let its size fool you. While it’s small, Blade 720 is powerful yet easy to control with its integrated gravity sensors.

Definitely not just for kids!

Blade 720 is not only a cool toy for children who want to see the world from great heights, but it’s a convenient tool for adults who wish to capture memorable moments such as sporting events or take aerial footage of their vacations, surroundings, homes and properties.

Blade 720 is controlled via an app on your iOS or Android phone. Simply start the app, and begin using your drone with real-time transmissions and controls. The gravity sensor gives you more control over the drone’s flight path, while the track setting even offers you the option to set the drone’s flight path in advance.

How does Blade 720 stack up against competitors?

If you were to compare Blade 720 with several other drones for sale from leading brands, it’s clear to see this drone gives you unprecedented value for money. It’s affordable which ticks one box for the majority of consumers, but the footage is also highly professional and crystal clear. As a result, it’s suitable for use for casual, everyday fun, or for capturing fast-paced motorsport action, and more.

In terms of ease of use, Blade 720 is leading the way. It can be controlled with ease via an iOS or Android phone, and the app allows you to control the speed, gravity, and flight path. Voice control can even be used to help navigate your way through nature, or why not take advantage of 3D VR and watch your drone live with real-time transmission?

Then, when you compare the social aspect of Blade 720, it’s easy to see it’s on-par with leading brands. It supports video clips via your phone app, enabling you to share videos on a range of social media outlets such as Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, Google+, and Messenger.

How is the image quality?

Blade 720 comes with an integrated HD camera which will make it extremely easy for you to take some amazing pictures and videos. Yes, you’ve heard right. Unlike other drone manufacturers, they don’t charge you extra for a camera. There’s also an upgrade to an even better camera, which will allow you to take the most cinematic images you’ve ever taken of your vacation, event or simply your vacation. Both images above and below were taken by our readers with the Blade 720 drone. Enjoy!


  • Small and compact
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with iOS and Android phones
  • Gravity sensor
  • Real-time transmission with HD quality
  • 3D VR and voice control

I love Blade720. It’s the perfect product to take aerial footage for me and my friends!

I can’t believe that they actually sell such a high tech device in the open market!

I was worried that it’d be a bit hard to control, but got the hang of it pretty quickly…


  • High performance drone, at an affordable price
  • Easy to use
  • High-Definition cameras


  • Only available while supplies last

Up until very recently, such gadgets were only limitted to military and government agencies. However, with the help of Blade720, anyone can now easily have fun while also taking quality aerial footage of their backyard

UPDATE: This was a surprise…

The Blade 720’s team were really impressed with our article. So, for a limited time, they are offering a 50% discount on your first purchase. Act fast, because this discount is only valid for a limited time. This means that the price to pay to enter the drone revolution is now smaller than ever at only 99.99$.

Drones can be used for movie footage, aerial photography, and more. But who’s to say paying more is going to give you a higher quality product? Purchase Blade 720 at half price with free worldwide shipping, and take advantage of the multiple-buy offers available. 

Click here – Get Your Blade 720 Now & Take Advantage Of 50% Discount and Free Shipping




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