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What is Red Planet Radio?

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Mars Society to Relaunch Red Planet Radio Podcast

News Update: Bob Barboza will be presenting at the upcoming Mars Society Convention in Washington, D.C.   His topics will include Kids Talk Radio Science, The Occupy Mars Learning Adventures and the adventures of the “Barboza Space Center.”  He hope to get some on his STEM stories on Red Planet Radio.

The Mars Society will be re-launching its popular online podcast, Red Planet Radio, beginning Monday, September 19th, three days before the start of the 19th Annual International Mars Society Convention, being held this year at Catholic University in Washington, D.C.

Upcoming episodes of the new broadcast will feature interviews with Dr. Robert Zubrin, President and founder of the Mars Society, Thomas Myers, a prominent science blogger at The Physics of SpaceX, Lucinda Offer, Executive Director of the Mars Society and Dr. Andrew Rader, Mission Manager at SpaceX and a social media celebrity.

Sharing co-hosting responsibilities for Red Planet Radio on behalf of the Mars Society will be Bill Hargenrader, founder of Facebook’s popular I Love Mars page, and John King, Mars exploration advocate and entrepreneur.

Please help us make Red Planet Radio the #1 Mars focused podcast in the world by downloading, listening to and commenting on the broadcast following its re-launch next week. For more updates about Red Planet Radio, please visit the Mars Society web site.

REMINDER: Join us next week at the International Mars Society Convention for plenary talks, public debates and panel discussions involving key scientists, NASA officials, government policymakers and leading space advocates. There’s still time to register. If you are unable to attend, then watch the Mars Society conference via live streaming at:


Author: Kids Talk Radio

Bob Barboza is an educator, STEM journalist, software designer and founder of The Occupy Mars Learning Adventures and the Barboza Design and Space Centers. He leads a team of scientists, engineers and STEAM++ educators. They are training students to become Jr. astronauts, scientists and engineers. His team provides internships and workshops in STEAM++ and the integration of Common Core State Standards and Next Generations Science Standards. Contact information:

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