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Mars Time Clock for Occupy Mars Learning Adventures Program

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Martian Mars Time Clock Kit


Build your very own Coordinated Mars Time (CMT) binary clock! This clock is designed to keep Coordinated Mars Time, which runs about 2.7% slower than Earth time. Wikipedia has a good article which explains Mars timekeeping:

This clock looks cool on an desk or table and makes a great conversation piece. Can be powered by a USB connection from a computer, USB hub or even a USB charger! The time is set with a simple on-board touch sensor.

Once built, you may set the time on the clock using this tool:

Everything you need to build your own working Mars time binary clock!

  • 1 – High Quality Lead-Free Professionally Printed Circuit Board 2″x2″
  • 1 – ATTINY44 Microcontroller
  • 20 – Red LEDS
  • 2 – 25 pF Capacitors
  • 1 – 16 Mhz Crystal
  • 6 – 75 ohm Resistors
  • 1 – Mini USB connector
  • 1 – 2 Pin Connector (touch sensor)
  • 1 – Assembly and Operation Instruction Sheet

Touch the sensor for 2-5 seconds to synchronize the clock to the nearest minute (forwards and backwards in time). Touch the sensor for more than 5 seconds and the time will advance, first through the minutes, then through the hours.

Watch the full demonstration video here!

Author: Kids Talk Radio Science and the Barboza Space Center

Bob Barboza is an educator, STEM and STEAM++ journalist, software designer and founder/director of the Barboza Space Center, Kids Talk Radio, and Super School Software. Contact:

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