The Occupy Mars Learning Adventure

Training Jr. Astronauts, Scientists & Engineers

Getting to Grow Plants on Mars

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Mars-660414.jpgStudents in the Australia, USA and the Republic of Cabo Verde are working with the Barboza Space Center in Long Beach, California, to grow food for Mars.   We are sending special modified seed to all members of our new international STEM space science team. We are all working on the Occupy Mars Learning Adventures.   This is project-based learning for international high school students.  Our students are forming Tiger Teams dedicated to growing food for astronauts.


Can super seeds survive on Mars?   We are going to run a series of tests on Earth and you can follow our progress on this website.



We had a chance to travel to France to learn how to grow potatoes.  We took what we learned and started to experiment with potatoes in California.   Our goal is to continue our test in Australia and Cabo Verde.



We are growing beans for our good friends in Russia.  Our dream is to conduct these experiments aboard the International Space Station.


All of our plants are growing under controlled conditions and our working on robots doing the watering.


IMG_3748 2.jpglettuce.jpgOur goals include our portable science labs that are dedicated to monitoring plant growth on Earth.  Once our beta testing is complete we will start the Mars simulations.


How can our robots help with taking care of our plants on Earth and on Mars?   You can follow our progress by following space science blogs.

Author: Kids Talk Radio Science and the Barboza Space Center

Bob Barboza is an educator, STEM and STEAM++ journalist, software designer and founder/director of the Barboza Space Center, Kids Talk Radio, and Super School Software. Contact:

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